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Mobius Space

Projects status : Unbuilt ( Under Construction)


Project Area: 350 sq. mts 


Project type : Farmhouse (Outhouse Project )


Project Description:

The brief of the project was to an outhouse for a farmhouse scheme designed for people who want it to be a retreat to escape. The house is designed in a way that the private and public function in the space get complete views around them as the site has a beautiful natural lake running along it. The whole space is designed with different functions on different levels. All these levels are visually connected with each other. The hyperboloid geometry gives the different levels space orientation to allow for maximum views and availability of skylights and floor views.

       As the space is designed for recreational use it is planned so as the areas are more flexible and flow seamlessly into one another with the circulation spaces also being functional spaces like a metaphorical mobius strip. The name of the project reflects the Mobius strip like flow of spaces through the project.

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