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Symbiotic Parasite

This Project is an extension unit to a residential Bungalow at satellite,Ahmedabad. It is a lounge area for a young creative couple. It is the epitome of juxtaposition between old and new reflecting the best of both languages of design without overshadowing either of them. The striking difference of the nature of the structure from its parent structure has led the architect to name the structure as a "Symbiotic Parasite".

  The main concerns while designing the area where to provide a space which allowed maximum sunlight in without direct glare or heat. The facets of the structure are calibrated in accordance with the movement of sunlight in a way that the space always gets diffused sunlight at lower angles. Hence the space always gets ample amount of sunlight without glaring sunrays. The mirror on the interior of the space and the windows are structured in a way that the area feels more spacious. The use of calm colours and the flexible lightning gives it the feel of a calm space in the day to reflect upon ideas and a dynamic, visually scintillating lounge area in the night.


The Underlying concept of Juxtaposition:


While analysing the context content of the site( Surrounding and Further) there was only a singular, very similar type of architectural language found around and near the site. So, while proposing the extension to this sort of layer of architectural space , the idea was to make the architecture of the new layer of intervention something so radically opposite or different from the existing fabric of the space. The reason for that was that the nuance of the new addition gives it a striking difference from the actual site which leads to preserving of the architectural identity of the existing layer of architecture in the space, does not deplete it or harm it alongwith additing a new layer of architectural identity in the space without harming the new identity as well. The structure essentially adds a new layer without affecting the older layer it is built on. 


Site influences and weather conditions:


The site is located in a residential gated community with other residences with similar architectural footprint and elevation.


Weather : 

Weather conditions around the space giving rise to a tesselated structure with windows angled inside to bring in diffused light which is not harsh to the eye. The structure is made in a way that there is maximum light without harsh sun and the windows are in the wind directions with the openable portions being the largest windows for maximum ventilation and air suction. The tesselation of the M.S plate is in a way that the spaces visually appear larger and more spacious as the structure is located on a smaller footprint. 

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