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Symphony in Cacophony

This Project is a Medical Diagnostic Centre, One of its kind in the city, that works to motivate people to get regular checkups.Medical facilities tend to be chaotic and extremely stressful for most of the patients as most of our case studies told us. Hence our biggest focus with this space was to make it as calming and as easy for the patient and doctors to conduct their tests as possible.

        The philosophy behind designing the space was to make the space calming despite of being a medical facility. The design of the space is done in a way that as soon as you enter the space you can see the whole space and hence makes the directional movement easier for the patients. The planning of the space is done in the order of the tests needed to be done by the patients. Hence it decreases the wait time by a huge amount. The faceted false ceilings are made so that all the functions necessary (services, Hvac, etc) could be accommodated in the space without having to use extra space at places where not necessary and so as to make the space look bigger as the programme needed a lot of functions to be accommodated in a smaller space. The Furniture in the space is customised as well according to the flow of the space. The furniture is designed to flow and connect multiple functions and spaces at the same time. The lighting of the whole space is also customised to meet the flow of the space as well as direct the patients visually and subconsciously on the paths they need to go on. The waiting areas are distributed through the space instead of making a central waiting area as in all the medical facilities so as to avoid confusion of patients and avoid the transfer of stress and paranoia between different patients and also to keep the waiting areas nearer to the space that the patients need to go to. The grooves in the room are also a part of the directional path and geometrically making the space look visually bigger. The aesthetics of the space, the colours used, the lighting ,etc is designed to make the experience of the space and the activity calming. The transitional area between the administrative area and the medical space is to form the path and the breakthrough the transition of functionality of the spaces. The lights follow the same path through as well.

     The administrative area is spaced at the back of the facility housing doctors lounges , auditoriums (for study and presentations) ,accounting space,meeting spaces and locker room. This way it creates a space for the staff to get a break time along with a separate entry for them so that the administration doesn’t have to hinder the process of the flow of the centre to get to their activities. It also creates a motivating, healthy environment for the staff with large open space and interactive easy flowing spaces with ample amount of sunlight and ventilation. All the materials used in the space are in accordance with the necessary medical standards and clean room needs for the facility.

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