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Versatile Decadence 

This project is a regeneration of an dilapidated outhouse. The client’s requirement for the project was utmost functionality and making it environmentally sound. The fluidity of contours and stoic trees and vegetation made a very interesting micro- context for space. The outhouse has a formal and an informal entertainment area. The fluidity of the cabinet makes for a multi-purpose space. The curves and the metallic paint finish of the cabinet responds context and creates a directionality and calmness in its dynamism. The informal space has a jacuzzi, splash pool, restrooms and steam room. The curved steps, the increasing size of steps, into the striking red pool gives connectivity. The ceiling is made from the broken older facade paying homage and reflects a wave through the ceiling. Each detail of the space is designed with utmost functionality without compromising on the luxury of design, giving rise to its name ‘Versatile Decadence’.

Photo courtesy: Phx India Sebastian/Ira

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