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India's first Virtual Furniture and Product design exhibition - Releasing our design line

Our Featured Projects.

Versatile Decadence 

This project is a regeneration of a dilapidated outhouse. The fluid and stoic landscape made an interesting micro-context. The curves and the metallic paint finish of the multipurpose cabinet create a directionality and calmness to its dynamism. The amorphous curves are designed fit its functions, Media centre curving towards the sitting area. The curved steps ascent into the striking red pool, whose ceiling, made from the broken older facade reflects the water. Each detail of the space is designed with utmost functionality without compromising on the luxury of design justifying its name.

Boxed Openess

This Project is an Architectural office for a young architectural firm. The studio space has been made into an open plan with movable tables designed by the studio. The partition storage wall is curved for maximum space and storage and creating a dynamic space inspiring conversation. The informal meeting space is a nook, created by the curved partition wall, used in studio meetings. The lights used in the space are designed to suit the different aspects of facilitating a good work space.

Symphony in Cacophony 

This Project is a Medical Diagnostic Centre, One of its kind in the city.Medical facilities tend to be chaotic and extremely stressful for most of the patients as most of our case studies told us. Our biggest focus with this space was to make it as calming and as easy for the patient and doctors to conduct their tests as possible.

Symbiotic Parasite

This Project is an extension unit to a residential Bungalow at satellite,Ahmedabad. It is a lounge area for a young creative couple. It is the epitome of juxtaposition between old and new reflecting the best of both languages of design without overshadowing either of them. The striking difference of the nature of the structure from its parent structure has led the architect to name the structure as a "Symbiotic Parasite".

Everchanging Constant

This space is designed as a rental space for young travellers and individuals who fit the philosophy of change is the only constant.

Mobius space

The brief of the project was to an outhouse for a farmhouse scheme designed for people who want it to be a retreat to escape.

Guest Houses

10 guest houses designed for a pharmaceutical company to house their new talents/ travelling employees and guests. 


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